Tuesday, April 5

Glitter Team T-shirts

Do you remember the days of elementary school?  Remember how you'd be put in teams and how you'd have to come up with your team name?  "Let's be the Tigers!"  "No, that's a dumb name!  How about the Princesses?"  "No way!"  Finally you combined the first letter of each person's name to form the team name...which formed a weird word, but everyone was happy.  Right?

Well my sister called me the other day and asked me to make team shirts for her daughter's Battle of the Books team.  Their name?  "JAMMZ"  I had to giggle a bit.  With an all-girl team I got to do something a little girly.  Here's what I came up with.  See how the frame with the owl is on a different letter on each shirt?  That way the girl wears the shirt that frames the first letter of her name.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the frame is glitter.  I made freezer paper stencils for each shirt.  If you haven't tried that yet, you can find my video tutorial HERE.  It worked really well for the glitter too. 

I wanted to do something with the unused part of the stencil, so I made a little glitter owl onesie too.

Here's the process of freezer paper stenciling with glitter.  I used Tulip Fashion Glitter and Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond.  I ironed on the stencil first and got my supplies ready.

I used the sponge to apply the glitter bond.  I applied a medium coat of it - not too thin and not too thick.

Then I spread the glitter over the top.  I pressed the glitter into the glue a little bit with my finger and then I peeled off the stencil carefully while it was still wet.  I did this over the garbage to make clean up a bit easier. The glitter worked well and was really fun to use.

Tips: I would probably chose a bigger graphic with less detail next time.  The tiny owl was a bit tricky.  The instructions say the shirt shouldn't be washed for 72 hours.  If you want to wear it before then I recommend using a little scotch tape to remove the little bits of glitter around your design.  It's easier than trying to pick or shake it off.

Now I have a cute little onesie ready for a baby gift....

.....and a team of giddy girls ready to win their competition.

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Anonymous said...

Love them...Thank you so much for the tips.

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