Thursday, April 28

I Love to Create Live Plastic Bag Craft Smock for Kiddlets

I hope you were able to tune in to I Love to Create Live today. Don't worry if you missed it, you can catch the whole thing on Ustream. In case you are just now hearing about this whole shindig, let me fill you in. I Love to Create sent several crafters, myself included, a swag bag full of their crafty goodies. The challenge was to make something unique and different. Leave it to me to be drawn to not only the supplies, but also the hot pink bag it came in.

Feast your eyes on the selection of goodies that arrived on my doorstep. Where has that owl stencil and the Beads in a Bottle been my whole life? I was inspired and so was my daughter Tallulah. She loves to paint and craft with mommy so she immediately started helping me sort through the box. The first thing that came to my mind was to recycle the pink plastic bag and make her a craft smock.

The problem is as you know I am not much of a seamstress. That being the case my mother, AKA my hero, offered to help me out. I mailed my bag of goodies and my smock plan to North Texas and hoped for the best. What she sent back was amazing! I just asked her to sew me a smock, but my mother that crafty devil went a step above and beyond. For the bias trim she created a polka dot using Tacky Glue as a resist. She squirted various dots of glue on the trim and once it had dried to point of skimming over she sprayed the bias tape with Tulip Spray Dye. She then dried the dye with a hair dryer and washed the glue dots off in the sink. It's like Tacky Glue batik!

When the smock returned to Austin there was a giant white pocket for me to adorn. I painted the pocket with the lavender Tulip Soft Fabric Paint first. Next I added a top coat of Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Fabric Paint. Once the paint had dried I applied the letter and owl stencil to the smock and this is when disaster struck, sort of.

I had visions of embroidering everything on Tallulah's new craft smock, but that didn't happen. Please note Tallulah's unbrushed hair and Thomas the Train PJ's. I made the poor kid model while she was sick. when you have a sick toddler and a newborn, embroidering is a little tricky. I had already finished the owl, but since I was under a deadline for the live cast the letters were not going to make it. No worries I just painted them with Tulip Fabric Paint and covered the wet paint with tulip Fashion Glitter.

Tallulah is on the mend and seems to like her new smock. Hopefully we will be giving it a test run this weekend!

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