Friday, April 8

Spray-Dye Blouse by Crafty Chica

I call this one Starry Sea Cruise Blouse! I know it looks like a DRESS, but I'm plus size, so for me it is a blouse...
 I'm prepping to depart for the 5th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise later this month and I wanted to make something fun to wear that made me feel, well, cruise-y! I whipped up this star motif blouse set to a blue and green color scheme.

There is a back story for the stars. Last year, our cruise group went to a wonderful fabric store in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Sister Diane blogged about it here. One of our favorite scores were these jumbo sequins! There were boxes and boxes of them in flowers, stars, hearts and all kinds of other shapes. They were as big as English muffins! See for yourself!

Photo by 2010 Crafty Chica Cruiser, Sister Diane of Crafty Pod.
Here it is a YEAR later and I didn't use the sequins all year. Therefore, I decided to use them on my cruise shirt! Here is how I did it!

White blouse (I used 100% cotton)
Tulip® Tie Dye Tools 

Tulip® One-Step Dye™ (Lime and Turquoise)
Star shapes (wood, sequin, paper, any you can find!

 Pre-wash and dry your shirt. Make sure the shirt is DRY. If not, the dye will bleed and you won't get sharp lines. Set the shirt flat on plastic-lined table. Place the stars all over the shirt.

 Add water to the dye bottles and shake. Replace the skinny nozzles with the spray nozzles from the tool kit. Using long sweeping motions, spray the turquoise across various areas of the blouse. Do the same with the lime. Let dry a bit (about 30 minutes).

 Turn the blouse over and scrunch up the back, spray with the turqouise.

 Open it and fill in with the lime. This will give you a streaked look. Let dry for four hours so the dye will set. Wash in cold water, hang dry. It will be nice and soft and ready to wear!

I LOVE the spray dye technique as opposed to using a bottle. It gives way more control, especially if you want a specific look.

 I'm ready to go!

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candyland said...

Well, we know you're a super STAR so you'll totally rock this blouse! Shine on! and have a great cruise!

KikiStar said...

This really cute! I love anything with stars on it, but especially love the turq/lime combo.

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