Friday, May 6

Crafty Chica's Talavera-inspired Painted Mug Set

It's Cinco de Mayo week, but that doesn't mean I'm into the stereotypical tequila shots. Instead, I decided to celebrate a traditional art form from the state of Puebla, Mexico (where the Battle of Puebla took place) - Talavera pottery! Known for the cobalt blue painted accents, it usually has a color story of deep reds, earthy greens and oranges. Here are directions for my "crafty chica" version so you can visit your local paint-on-pottery store and make your own!

 I started with Duncan bisque and a pencil. I also printed out some Talavera images for inspiration and guidance. Basically, it is a lot of swirls and flowers. And then I simplified because it was my first time!

 Once I finished sketching on the bisque, I filled in with Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica. First I filled in the inside spaces and then added the background color - and then I went over all the edges for a refined look. I added some lighter shades on top of darker shades for definition. I trimmed the ridges in blue, keeping with tradition. The last step is to outline all the designs with a VERY thin liner brush with black.

 Let it dry and then dip or brush on pure•brilliance™ Clear Glaze on both sides. Let dry.

 Fire in the kiln, cone 6.

 Here is my finished piece, I signed the bottom because I had faith it would come out just the way I wanted and I wanted proof that I made it!

Here is the saucer. I used an orange background, I was hoping for more of a tan-orange, but I still like it!

  I painted the inside of the mug Really Red.

 Close up of one of the designs.

 Happy me with my new mug! I'm inspired to paint a whole dinner set now! I hope you are too!
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chuy said...

does this company carry these items as ready to paint for those of us who don't have kilns or access to one?? I love a lot of the pieces I've seen here but not having a kiln, I can't purchase

Yolanda M. said...

These are beautiful!

sf said...

WOW - I am in love with these and may try one day myself!

sarah said...

just love talavwra pottery!

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