Thursday, June 16

Pretend Polka Dot Pyrex Bowl

I have always loved vintage polka dotted Pyrex mixing bowls. Apparently from their price tag when I find them at the flea market so does everyone else. That got me to thinking, I wonder if I could make my own version. How hard could it be?

Crafty Chica Paint
Crafty Chica Glossy Gloss
Paint Brush
Dot Stickers

The first thing to do is place your dot stickers in a pattern of your choice on your bowl.

Once your stickers are in place using Crafty Chica Paint paint the inside of your bowl white. I recommend doing several thin layers. You don't want to saturate your stickers with paint so that it seeps through.

Once your white is opaque peel your stickers off. I must admit this part was trickier, messier and more time consuming than I had anticipated. Thank goodness for thumb nails. I managed to scratch my white paint in a few spots. In retrospect I wish my stickers were raised and were repositionable. However, I thought to Tim Gunn and made it work.

Next paint over the clear dots with red Crafty Chica paint. Again several thin layers will probably work best. Allow the red paint to dry completely.

The last thing to do is coat the inside of the bowl with some varnish like Crafty Chica Glossy Gloss. Remember your new bowl is not food safe, but sure is pretty to look at. Remember my glittered fruit from a few weeks ago? I think my new faux Pyrex bowl is the perfect vessel.

Looking for more red and white polka dotted fun? Check out my Pinboard about it! Also be sure to check out all my other I Love to Create projects.

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