Monday, October 31

Pretty Paper Flowers

I know it's Halloween, but once Halloween is over I start thinking about Christmas.  Today I'm sharing a few fun embellishments to make your presents look pretty.

They were fun and pretty easy to make.  I'll show you how I did all three.

The first one made by cutting out four wavy circles.  After cutting them I tried to curl the edges in a little and I used an ink pad to antique the edges of each layer.  I used Aleene's Tacky Dot singles to hold the layers together and to attach it to the present.  I love glue dots for paper crafting.  They are easy and clean.

I think it makes a really pretty gift topper.  I made some flowers like this to put on top of a jar when I made my neighbors honey butter last Christmas.

The second flower was done just like the felt flower I made HERE.  I cut a long strip of paper with pinking shears.  Then I cut slits down the entire strip and rolled it.  I cut a small square of Aleene's tacky double stick sheets for this one and planted the flower on it.  Both sides are sticky, so it essentially makes your flower a sticker to use when you want to.

I added a few leaves and trimmed off the sticker part I didn't need.

For the last flower I took a scalloped paper punch and cut out two of the circles.  I antiqued the edges of both and cut slits in the top one, curling the edges inwards a bit.  Then I made a smaller circle to go on top of it.  I used the tacky dots on this one as well.

It could even be a to and from tag.

And now it's time to start the Christmas shopping!


LissC said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I just love love pretty packages :)

samrala said...

Thank for corporate with news ideas for me to use the paper craft and
paper flowers.I am really impressed with your detail on online so please keep nice posting..............

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