Saturday, November 12

Breaking Dawn DIY Totebag Project

Okay, all you Twilight fans know that the next installment of this series is about to debut on November 17. You'll be there wearing your best vampiresque (or Lupus-inspired) attire to show your loyalty to either Edward or Jacob. My friend, Regan, is a major, major Edward fan (she even keeps the Edward doll/action figure(?) in a box.) She was given this canvas tote by a friend who rescued it at a yard sale. Can you imagine getting rid of this for pennies on dollar?! Anyway, she brought it to me and asked if I would use our fangtastic paints and crystals to make it debut-ready for the Breaking Dawn premier. Being that I am partial to all creatures of the night, I agreed.

Here's the products you'll need: Tulip Shimmer Fabric Paint (Shimmer Red), Tulip Glam it Up! Crystals (Red), heat setting tool, Tulip Fabric Markers, and Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (Opal). You will also need two paint brushes: one small round for painting the word, Twilight, and a larger soft flat brush (my preference) for painting the Opal Soft Paint on Edward's face. And, of course, some Twilight merchandise, like this black & white tote.

Use your large paint brush and apply Opal soft paint to Edward's face to give him his shimmery sun-kissed skin. Avoid his eyes and lips!

Use various colors of the fabric markers to color his hair, eyes, eyebrows, lips, the outline of his face, and the word 'Twilight'. Don't overdue it! Leave some white area for added graphic drama.

Once you've use the markers to fill in the word 'Twilight', use your smaller brush to apply the Shimmer Red fabric glitter paint to really make the word stand out. It's worth the extra effort.

(See how shimmery Edward's skin is in this shot... Yummy!)

Use the heat tool to apply the red crystals randomly on the background on the tote. I clustered more crystals close to Edward and applied less of them as I moved away from his image. Tip: add the crystals to the tote in between the other steps while the paint is drying.

Here's the finished piece!
Now all Regan has to do is fill this baby up and go stand in line and wait for the theater to open.

Here is some vamp-inspired merchandise that will really get your blood flowing:

An iPhone skin

Vampire Charm by Juicy Couture

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Craft on!

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