Tuesday, January 10

Crafty Can Corrals + Video Tutorial

Now's the time to get organized for the year ahead of us! Pattiewack created these cute and colorful crafty can corrals from cans you would normally throw out and leftover scrapbook papers or magazine pages. They're great to hold craft supplies, odds in ends, or kitchen utensils! Check out Pattie showcasing how she did it in this loval segment of We Are Fresno Live!

Also check out the Crafty can step by step tutorial on iLoveToCreate.com

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Craft on!

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shredding Houston said...

Wow, these can corrals are just incredible. The colors are also amazing making these more attractive. Now, homeowners with several old newspapers can come up with useful and creative pieces of art. This method of recycling will certainly help reduce our paper wastes. Thank you for sharing this post.

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