Monday, February 6

Eye Candy from the 2012 Craft and Hobby Association Show

This was our showstopper mannequin created by our talented in-house team...Pattie Wilkinson, Suzie Shinseki, and Allee Marderosian.  Her dress panels were created with Tulip One-Step Dyes.  Her necklace was created using Aleene's adhesives and Tulip Fashion Glitter.  Her top was encrusted with our new Tulip Deluxe Crystals.

We had so much eye candy going on at the CHA show and took so many wonderful pics! We wanted to share with you just some of the pretty creations on display!

Betsey Johnson designer Charlene Pack created these super cool doodled mannequins.  She doodled all over them with our Tulip Fabric Markers and 3D Fashion Paint.  She even dyed all the fabrics using our dyes!

Pattiewack created these cool heels using our new Tulip Deluxe Crystals and Heat Setter.  A few people have commented that they look like googly eyes!

Here's our amazing Tulip color connection wall.  We wanted to display them in a very dynamic way so we went with a rainbow of color!  Can you imagine having a wall like this of product in your craft studio. Yummy!

These petals for the Aleene's mannequin dress were cut from paper plates. Before the plates were cut, Heidi Borchers covered the plates with purple Tulip 3D Fashion Paint.

These mosaic shoes by Heidi Borchers of Cool2Craft were beyond amazing.  Look at all the details put together with Aleene's adhesives!  I think my fave part are the swirly accents!

Here's a pretty pink shirt created painted with Tulip Soft paints and accented with Tulip Deluxe Crystals!

Tiffany Windsor and Heidi Borchers created this amazing paper column using paper plates, Aleene's Dry Adhesives, and Spellbinders Dies.  It was beyond amazing.

Pattiewack created this Birkin bag TV display using Aleene's adhesives and a lot of ingenuity!  Sam Carter, our tradeshow guru helped her build the frame.  The pics featured in this photo represent those people who were in our Bloggers' Lounge.

Look how shimmery this outfit by Hope Perkins is (worn by Savannah Starr).  Each day, Hope painted Savannah with Tulip Body art to match a coordinated outfit.  It was really neat to see the looks unfold!

This is a piece from our Duncan vignette.  We had a whole mosaic table and the plates and silverware were embedded into the table.  Quotes about family were on each of the plates.  The plates and cupcakes were created using our Duncan Bisque and Concepts Underglazes.

Another rainbow series in our booth! This is our own Duncan bisque vases representing the rainbow spectrum. So pretty!

To see more of our photos from the booth, visit our "iLoveToCreate at the 2012 Craft and Hobby Association Tradeshow" photo gallery on our Facebook page.

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