Tuesday, March 20

faux feathers necklace

I can't seem to get enough of feathers lately- they are the perfect subject matter for all kinds of creative projects and they happen to be all the rage in fashion. So I decided to put my twist on a feather necklace, creating my own unique feathers.

1. I started with a simple sketch of a feather drawn onto fabric. I filled in the feather with Tulip Soft Fabric Paints- they are very versatile and great to use on a variety of fabric surfaces 2. I continued to fill in the feather with colorful details.

3. When the paint was dry, I used a permanent marker to add additional details. 4. When I was satisfied with the feather I cut it out.

Next, I created two more feathers in different colors and sizes.

I stacked the feathers on top of each other

and I used an awl to poke tiny holes in all three of the feathers and inserted a jump ring.

Just for a little variation I added some beads and a little charm to the feather and the last step was to put everything on a chain.


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Unknown said...

Why can't we pin anything on your site (for future projects)?

Margot Potter said...

LOVE! Love this project and your pictures are fabulous. Claudine Hellmuth has a cool sticky back canvas you can use like this and adhere to a substrate to give it a little structure. Might work well with this idea.


maria soto said...

great project -

Kirin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kirin said...

I love this project! Your faux feathers are wonderful!

Unknown said...

Oh my! This is a lovely project. Thanks for all the detailed pics to follow.

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous!!

Boutique Delight said...

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Unknown said...


Rajinder said...

Thank you so much for writing keep up like this.

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