Monday, March 12

Peep Tie Dye Easter Pillows & Video Tutorial

Peeps are my all-time favorite candy at Easter, and that's where I got my inspiration for these 'peep pillows' that I made for the iLoveToCreate website this month.
Do you like them as much as I do???

So, of course I just HAD to take them to KSEE24 for our monthly craft segment. Here's a shot of my demo set-up.  I'm all ready to show the world how to tie dye with the Tulip One-Step!

I also grabbed a cute bunny robot on a tie-dye t-shirt that would be perfect for any kid to wear to the easter egg hunt.  I mean, even if he or she didn't find the prize egg, they'd still be happy wearing this shirt, right?

Okay, so I had to ham it up for the camera when I was waiting for my time to come up.... it's always
a little nerve-racking since it's LIVE and anything could happen on live television...especially with tie dye...

 Here's the video of me and the Host, Alex as we showed everyone just how easy it is to tie dye anything you want, any color you want.  She was so excited and concentrating so hard, you'll see her sticking her tongue out just like a cute little kid trying to get it just right....

For written instructions,
go to for both the bunny pillows and the robot t-shirt.

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Craft on!

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Stacey said...

I love the peeps pillows. They are so cute!! I love anything that has to do with peeps. And these peeps wont go stale even better!!!

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