Thursday, April 26

From Fanny Pack to Glammy Pack

For those of you that have been following with my journey to lose the baby weight you know that I have recently taken up jogging. I am about half way through a couch to 5k program. This is my second go at it after a stress fracture that put me on crutches and the couch for a few weeks. This time around I thought I needed a little something extra on my jogs. Something sparkly, bright and perky. This is when the idea to turn my fanny pack from the 80's into a glammy pack for 2012 hit me. Sadly, I'm not so sure my makeover was a good one. Not every craft adventure can have a happy ending. My knee is starting to bother me again and my glammy pack came out a bit of a hot mess. Never fear, I have a few other sporty makeovers to share with you that will inspire you to ride, run and walk! First up let's talk about my fanny pack. It started life acid washed. I'm sure at the time I had picked that option and thought it was swell. 25 years-ish later I thought I could pep the look up with a few neon accents. If nothing else it would help make me more noticeable to cars. Using Tulip fabric spray paint in three neon shades I coated my Hippy. I should have stopped here but I had visions of neon racing stripes and glittery wording that said something witty like "Let's Get Physical". Instead using a very unsteady hand I tried to do some stenciling that ended up looking like blobs. Truly compared to what I jog in the glammy pack looks amazing. All your craft projects can't turn out perfect right? So if my glammy pack does not make you want to lace up and hit the trails, maybe these projects will. Recently one evening I rode my bike down to the local Red Box. As I peddled home the disk bobbed around in my basket almost falling out several times. I thought to myself: you need a basket liner. Blue Sky Confections you have the cutest one I have seen yet! You how I love a good pennant banner. I love Michele's Old Towel New Series. I profiled her clever washcloths on BlogHer. however, this sporty wristband also caught me eye. Blogilates has an adorable razor back tank top tutorial. I made this swim suit cover up for my daughter, but you could easily make an adult sized version. Even hardcore lap swimmers need something to wear to and from the pool. I get that bike riding safety is important, it is just unfortunate that helmets are typically so ugly. Jenn from Clever Girl revamped hers to make it look like R2D2. ***This is a sponsored post by I Love to Create - I was compensated & given free supplies. Mama has gotta pay the bills somehow and really who in their right mind would say no to free craft supplies*** Visit us on Facebook!
Craft on!

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