Thursday, August 30

Dying and Burning Wooden Beads

A few weeks ago I was cruising the web and came across a great post on Natalme about wood burning. I have a soldering iron and wooden beads so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I busted out some fabric dye for a pop of color.

I whipped up a batch of Tulip Custom Color Dye in Wicked and popped in my wooden bits plus a few stained T-shirts and waited. I love all the color options you have with this dye kit.

I gotta tell you at first I was pretty sure the beads did not dye. They just looked dark in the water.

However, when the beads dried in the sun the green color started showing through.

Next, time to bust out the soldering iron. I tried polka dots, stars, mini dots and more.

I tried a few beads wrapped with Bon Bon yarn too!

I want to dye some other colors and make a big chunky Wilma Flinestone necklace. Whatcha think? Not too bad for a project I thought was going to be a total craft fail. Now I'm thinking of all the wood things I can dye and burn!

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