Thursday, October 11

Halloween Pop Corn Cone How-to

I'm gearing up for the annual Halloween party around these parts. It takes me all month to decorate, bake and in the case of today's I Love to Create project make popcorn cones. I could just set out a big bowl of carmel corn, but individual servings in paper cones are so much cuter.


Scrap booking Paper


Aleene's Tacky Line Runner

Cone template


Trace your template on the backside of your scrapbooking paper with a pen. Cut out with scissors.

Use your glue runner along one side of your cone. Next, roll your paper into a cone shape.

Next you need to find something to hold your cones. I found this Nesbitt's crate at a flea market and new instantly what I would use it for.

You could always make something like a cake pop holder. I tweaked my design and made these last year. There will be a small hole in the bottoms of your cone. You can stand the cones up on the cake pop sticks.

All that is left to do is fill the cones on party day. Last year I made maple chili popcorn, this year I am going to make spicy caramel veggie bacon popcorn.

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