Tuesday, January 15

handmade photo booth

A while back I was asked to create a photo backdrop for the iLoveToCreate booth at the Craft and Hobby Association show (which took place this last weekend). After lots of brainstorming I decided on a fun and simple handmade photo back drop full of layers of garland. Handmade photo booths and backdrops are all the rage, especially for weddings and events but you can use them for all kinds of photo opportunities. Creating a fun backdrop is SUPER easy and a great way to capture whimsical and fun photos!

I used a large piece of pink canvas and started by painting and stamping garland onto the surface. I also used pieces of fabric and and glued them to the surface. Once the surface of the canvas was filled with garland I got to work creating real garland. All of the "real" garland got draped over the top of the painted canvas. The result is layers and layers of festive garland.

I even added a little striped awning to the top!

You can't have a photo booth without some fun props! With a little creativity, some felt and cardboard you can come up with all kinds of props to use in photos!

Then you are ready to take photos! 



Victoria said...

Besides blogging I also do Photography on the side and this is a fabulous Backdrop! Such a creative and inexpensive way to get a great pictures! Awesome job!

Linda said...

Ya, I was thinking the same thing. What a great idea for a photography backdrop for kids photography.

Karin Brosnan said...

How did you build the frame for the canvas and the how did you attach the striped awning?

Unknown said...

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