Tuesday, February 5

Homemade Valentine Cards

While it's texting and emailing is nice and convenient, there is still something fun about handwritten "real" letters and cards.  I think its just means more.  Here are a couple of easy, fun valentine cards you can make.

Fot this first one I printed off a picture of a jar and added text to it.  You could even use Word to do that.  You don't really need any fancy software.

Then I used a glitter pen I had to outline the jar in a sketchy kind of way.  I got my Tulip Beads in a Bottle to make the hearts to fill the jar.

The heart shape is easy to make.  It's basically like drawing a "V" as you squirt out the paint.  I love the 3D texture it gives the card.

For this second card I got out some buttons.

I used Aleene's Tacky dots to attach the buttons to the card.  

Then I wrote some words along the edges of the heart to outline it a bit.

 And that's it - two easy, fun valentine cards.  

I think both would make great framed prints for decor as well.


marilyn scott said...

Awww these buttoned Valentines day greetings are pretty cute and adorable, especially those heart buttons. So cute!!!!

Cheers xxx

Anonymous said...

would love to know how you got that jar template? Thanks!

Simply Violet said...

Awh - these are simply beautiful!

Michele Reynolds said...

I Love these<3 Pinned

Constance Hildebrand said...

Where can I buy the paint to make the hearts in the jar please?

Bonnie Levy said...

I still don't get how you made the hearts? Please share. Thanks!

Bonnie Levy said...

What are Tulip Beads in a Bottle?

Avril Ivan said...

This is wonderful DIY project.

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