Wednesday, May 1

DIY Lace Fabric Spray Shorts

Did you know you can use Tulip Fabric Spray Paint to make cool designs over jeans, shorts, shirts and more?  Check out the shorts that Brandi did for her DIY on the Fly video.  This pair of shorts started out as white jeans, and Brandi turned them into lace pattern shorts with black Tulip Fabric Spray and leftover lace from the iLoveToCreate fabric stash.  Cool huh?  See the process from start to finish in the video below. After watching the video, we know your brain is going to be swirling with all kinds of ideas using this fun spray technique!

The spray works best on light colored fabrics, but there is a white (Snow) spray that works great on black!  Also, there are various sprays in glitter and neon finishes, so you can get all kinds of cool looks! 

The exciting part is the reveal!! What does this product inspire you to spray?


Lisa Drndarski said...

oh that is so cool! i love it, i am going to do that one day soon, thanks for the creative idea, keep them coming i love shit like that!
Lisa D from San Jacinto, Ca

Glitter Brain said...

Oooo. I want to do this on some stretchy shorts for yoga.

Taryn Morvillo said...

@ glitterbrain- wow that is an excellent idea for using an excellent idea! I might borrow that . . . Thanks everyone!

cantonlace said...

How gorgeous! Your fabrics and laces compliment the photos so well.

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