Tuesday, July 23

52 weeks of Art Plates with Laura Fraedrich: Weeks 23-27

Greetings, iLoveToCreate® blog fans! I am excited to share the next few plates in my Art Plate series with you today!

 Plate #23 – Think Positive Thoughts
This one is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes we need to be reminded to think positive thoughts!

 Plate #24 – I Will Be Me

I made this plate after seeing my favorite singer/songwriter/musician, Dave Davies from The Kinks, live in concert. He just released a new solo album and one of the songs on it is called 'I Will Be Me'. Like most of his songs, this one sends an inspiring message and reminds us that we can be anything we want. Great words to live by!

 Plate #25 - I Hate Mornings

This is a self portrait I painted on a day when there was just not enough coffee in the world to get me up and running. I never wake up especially bright eyed and bushy tailed, but this morning was worse than usual. One of these days I am going to have to admit that I am just not a morning person, nor will I ever become one.

 Plate #26 - Dream Big

 I mentioned earlier that I got to see Dave Davies in concert, and while I was there I got to strum his guitar, give him some artwork that I made, snag one of his drummer's drumsticks, and give the great DD himself a hug and a kiss and thank him personally for all the music he has given me over the years. It was an amazing experience...something I had only dreamed about doing until it actually happened. So take it from me...don't be afraid to dream big because it just might come true!

 Plate #27 – Spot of Tea

I made this plate as a tribute to my friend Bill who came all the way out to Fresno from Phoenix to help some students at Fresno State University attempt to build the world's largest teapot. Unfortunately while he was here, he got into an accident and totaled his beloved Mini Cooper 'Jacques' (hence the Union Jack on the plate), which was very sad considering it was like a child to him. The two lizards represent the 'twin gecko' signature he signs all of his artwork with. RIP, Jacques.

  I explain each plate in more detail on my personal blog  – The Peculiar Palette – if you're interested in hearing more about them. I also created a Facebook page just for my plate project called 52 Weeks of Art Plates...come on over and check it out!

These plates were made using Duncan® OhFour® Bisque plates, Cover Coats™, French Dimensions™ and Pure Brilliance®. 'Dream Big' and 'I Hate Mornings' also have Crackle Glaze™ and EZ Strokes® on them, and 'Spot of Tea' contains Modern Brass.
Until next time! 


Anonymous said...

Those are wonderful Laura! I love the colors and definately the sweet elephant! Angelica

Sew DoggyStyle said...

Absolutely stunning!!! I could look at your artwork all day.

Laura Fraedrich said...

Thank you so much! :)

Laura Fraedrich said...

You are too kind! xoxo

sllvncookie@aol.com said...

ha,ha,ha,,I hate morning's fits me to a T. All your plates are gorgeous...All makes you smile.!!

jane eileen said...

I love these! The zombie one is my favorite in this group!

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