Wednesday, July 24

DIY Tiki Fabric Lampshade

Turn a tired old lampshade into a mid century modern inspired DIY Tiki Fabric Lampshade with this cheap and easy project!  We bought this lampshade at Ikea years and years ago.  Alas, it got a tear in it on our last move.  No worries, Aleene's Fabric Fusion made quick work of giving this sad old lampshade a much needed makeover.  Avalon is redesigning her room with a beach theme, I had this kitschy pin up boys fabric from a project in one of my books several years ago.  You can easily find Tiki or mid century inspired fabrics on the internet or at craft and fabric shops, bark cloth would be fabulous here!  Avalon and her Dad made this project while I was out of town on business and I have to say, they did a smash up job!  

You will need:
Sad old lampshade
Jute or hemp twine
Tiki themed fabric
Aleene's Fabric Fusion Spray On Fusible Web
Fabric scissors
Crayon or fabric pencil
Step one: Measure lamp shade height with a ruler, you need overlap to secure fabric around edges.  Step two: Use some newspaper to make a template that is the width of the shade with some overlap.  Step three: Use newspaper template to cut fabric.  Step four: Mark and cut the width of fabric using the measurements you made earlier.
Step five: work outside or in a well ventilated area spray webbing on shade.  Step six: Press fabric around shade, folding the seams so there aren't any exposed edges.  Step seven: fold edges around inside of lamp and glue with Aleene's Fabric Fusion.  Step eight: Use Aleene's Fabric Fusion to attach twine around top and bottom edge of shade.
  That's it!  Fun, fast and (retro)fabulous!  We'd love to see what you do with this idea!  What kind of fabric suits your taste?  Would you make a DIY Tiki Fabric Lampshade or are you a more understated personality?   Do tell!
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You can find Avalon Potter and her mom at DIY Doyenne, dishing out DIY, style and fashion!


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