Friday, July 5

Popcorn Tie-Dye Technique

OK, I didn't actually use popcorn in the making of this shirt, but you'll see in my video why I called it that name. It's a traditional technique from Japan, but I gave it my own rubberband twist! It's easy and the final look is spotty and fun!
You'll need a pre-washed T-shirt and lots of ruberbands - and most of all just one bottle of Tulip One-Step Dye. I used black.

Do you think this a technique you'd like to try?


arcanum9123 said...

very Nice....the ideas are endless!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I have never tye dyed but am hoping to do so soon. I have some questions ... is there somewhere cheaper to buy them? I'm looking for tips and advice from people who've tried these things. Any help you can give me, I'd appreciate. Crafty Gemini (aka Vanessa) is where I saw your link. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried the 'popcorn' technique, and ot looks pretty amazing!!!!

Laura Jenkins said...

Have you tried it with two colors

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