Monday, August 26

5 Fall Fashion Organization Tips

This month at iLoveToCreate, we thought it would be fun to do some fun projects that would inspire us to get our closets organized and refresh it for the fall season! I don't know about you, but I have a hard time finding that perfect necklace, or making decisions about what I would want to wear before I have my morning coffee. With this in mind, I created an organized approach to showcasing your fall fashions as you see above!

Check out our video above and read below for fun styling and organizing ideas to refresh your space.

1. Paint your space bright and accessorize shelving with fabric-covered cardboard
I wanted to pretty things up a bit in my area, so to make the space more appealing, we painted it white to bring more light in and brighten the area. You can do the same thing in a dark closet where there's low light.  Then I took cardboard and cut it to fit inside the shelves of my hutch.  I spray glued some cute and trend fabric to the cardboard using Aleene's Repositionable Tacky Spray. The fabric panels really brightened up my hutch and gave it an artful flair.

2. Use tree branches to organize earrings
I found a tree branch and spray painted it for a snazzy earring holder. This works great and it's practically free...just the cost of the spray paint!  Plus, you could paint the branch any color or leave it natural to match your d├ęcor.

3. Small ceramic containers and egg dishes make great organizers for small jewelry
We made some really cute ceramic organizers for scarves and earrings with Duncan bisque. My favorite piece is the egg holdde because it's perfect to hold tiny earrings that get lost in the jewelry box.

4. Creatively display jewelry on clipboards
Oh, and have you ever thought about using clipboards to organize sets of jewelry? I think these are so clever to keep them neat, but they look great as decoration on the wall.  I'd put my most favorite sets
on clipboards, or maybe some sentimental pieces that make me happy when I see them displayed every day.

5. Hang inexpensive plant hooks to organize your outfits
In a perfect world, I would plan my outfit the day before, but seriously, I usually throw it all on without thinking about it.  So, my solution was to put a hook on the shelf to hold the outfit I'm putting together. I used a plant hanger and screwed it directly to the shelf.
I hope we inspired you with some easy and creative ideas to help you refresh your closet and get ready for the sweater weather as you cozy up for fall.

Here's some more great projects on for you to check out that you see styled in the hutch featured above. Click below for each how-to.


Sue Marrazzo said...


Delama Starling said...

I like all your great ideas!!! Thank you for sharing them :-)

Julia said...

Great ideas! Keeping your fashion finds organized is a fantastic way to have all your favorites at your fingertips. Because your items are more easily accessible, it makes getting ready in the morning a quick and fun activity.

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