Thursday, August 22

Up-Cycling A Puzzle Into a Picture Frame

I'm slightly obsessed with gallery walls. I've been in the new house 1 month today ad already have 4.5. Today I made a new personalized addition to one of those gallery walls using a vintage puzzles, Tacky Dots and Instagram photos.

What you need:
– Photos
– Puzzle
– Scissors
– Picture Frame
I was lucky enough to score this vintage 'Animal Change About Puzzle' at a flea market earlier this year. When I bought it I new exactly what I was going to do with it, change out the animals with my kids heads. They are always pretending to be various animals so why not. The first thing I did was select the pictures.
Once I made a life choice on the pictures I used a scrapbook punch to make circles. You can use scissors too. Using my Tacky Dots I attached the pictures to the back of the puzzle.
All that was left to do was put the puzzle in a frame and hang it on the wall. I think it fits in perfectly between the poodles, geishas and Native American Chief.
Wondering what I did with the puzzle faces? Well wonder no more. They are adorning a page in one of my Smash Books.
It was a win win situation. The puzzle is now a picture frame and it's pieces are adorning pictures. I am pleased as punch.

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Byers Choice Collectibles said...

Upcycling a puzzle into picture frame is an interesting and pleasurable experience to have for memorable wall hanging.

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