Monday, August 19

Plastic Animal Necklaces DIY

I love making jewelry and accessories, so the plastic animal craft trend inspired me to incorporate cute animal heads into my latest project!  Some folks may think these are a tad bit creepy, but I think they turned out really cute and cool.  They are definite conversation starters for sure.  You can make them in a few simple steps...let me show you how!

What you need:

– small plastic animals

– 1" wooden circle blanks
Tulip Soft Paint in colors of your choice
– White spray paint
– pushpin
– scissors
– newspaper for your work surface
– necklace chain
– jump rings
– pliers
– paintbrush
Start off by decapitating the head of your animal. Try to get as clean of a cut as you can.  This may seem a little inhumane, but the job just had to be done to make the necklace. LOL.
 I next gave the head a good spray with the spray paint in a well-ventilated area.  This makes it easier to apply the paint in the next step!
 Next I used the Tulip Soft Paint to paint the entire head using my paintbrush..
 I used a pushpin to poke a whole through the wooden circle.
 Then I opened the jump ring with my pliers and slid it through.  Close jump ring securely.
Cut out a small .75" circle from your newspaper or a book and use a little of the Aleene's 7800 adhesive to adhere it.
Now use the adhesive to add on the painted head. Let dry.

The final step is to insert your chain necklace through the jump ring. You can make this necklace yourself (I made mine 22" long) or you can purchase them ready made at the craft store!
Here's how my lion turned out!

 On the two other designs I played around with paints, buttons, and glitter. 
 There's so many possibilities, so adorn these fierce little beauties as you desire!
Which one is your favorite?
Or do they just plain creep you out?


Eileen The Artful Crafter said...

Very cool. The only part that creeped me out was the photo of lopping the lion's head off!

trinketsinbloom said...

I love them! They're very cute!

onel said...

I'm adding these animal necklaces to my accessory box! Thanks for the tutorial, so cute!

Birthstones said...

Such a great idea! Love the glitter on the giraffe!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely diy project.

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