Tuesday, August 20

Trompe L'Oeil Necklace T-Shirt DIY

 This Trompe L’Oeil Necklace T-Shirt DIY is a fun way to add a simple pattern to a basic t-shirt. Inspired by the black drawn necklaces on t-shirts by Yves Saint Laurent, this is not only a fun DIY to make it’s also a lot cheaper! 

My inspiration came from this t-shirt by Yves Saint Laurent. It's a fun loosely drawn necklace that you can easily re-create with your own t-shirt and Tulip's fabric markers and fabric paints!

Tracing paper
Circle & elipse templates (optional)

step 1
Lay out your t-shirt on a flat surface and place a sheet of tracing paper on top. Tape it down.

Using your pencil and your templates, draw your necklace design on the tracing paper.

When you have your design the way you want, depending on the thickness of your t-shirt, you may want to trace your design with a marker to make it dark enough to see through your t-shirt.

step 2
Slide your tracing paper inside your t-shirt.

Use your template and your Tulip fabric marker to draw or trace your necklace design onto your t-shirt.

TIP: My t-shirt is a little thick and I didn’t have any problem with my fabric markers or paint bleeding through. If your t-shirt is a little thin be sure to put a heavier paper inside your t-shirt to keep anything from bleeding through.

Follow your design template to draw all the outlines for your necklace design.

step 3
Once your outline is finished you can take your fabric marker and shade in your beads and chain to give it more dimension.

step 4
When your necklace is all drawn in the way you want it, you’re ready to use your fabric paint to ‘draw’ your charms and extras on your necklace.

TIP: The Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint is also a good way to cover up any slips or mistakes you might have made with your fabric marker.

Let your fabric paint dry.

To see more fashion DIY's by me check out my blog Trinkets in Bloom!


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Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

Very nicely done. The step-by-step directions along with photos are perfect for DIY novice's such as myself. Found you via WobiSobi.
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funny t shirts designs said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Sounds as if you're making good time and I've still got to clean the beams yet!

mahima sharma said...
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FlyAwayHome said...

How cute is that! Love this idea.

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It's a fun loosely drawn necklace you can simply re-create with your own t-shirt and Tulip's material markers and cloth paints! -


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