Wednesday, September 18

Dipped For Fall 2013

Summer may be coming to a close but not all summer trends are in the rearview mirror. Dipping - using dye, bleach or paint - is still a HOT trend! You'll find plenty of dipped goods at Urban Outfitters, Asos, and Anthropolgie as we head into the fall season. But be smart and save some bucks for your holiday shopping by making your own dipped delights with these inspiring products! Just check out the various surfaces that become even more interesting and fabulous when they are dipped in color or bleach.

 Dip-Dye Tassel Necklace - Anthropologie
 Dip-Dyed Crochet Dress - Anthropologie
 Dip-Dye Denim Button-Down - UO
Bleach Dipped Maxi Skirt - UO

Fabric Dip-Dyed Garland - Uncommon Designs

Dipped dress from Asos

Also find home inspiration like these plates from Pedlars UK.

And these toile pattern dip dyed plates from Anthropologie.
Utensils from Sania Pell

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