Monday, September 2

DIY Neon Colorblock Cosmetic Bag

 I found this nifty cotton cosmetic bag at Michaels recently and had to pick it up!  It's a perfect blank canvas. This would make a great little pencil case for Back to School, too.  A little painter's tape, Tulip fabric paints, some angled paint brushes and in under thirty minutes you can make a custom bag with just a few splashes of neon.  Neon works best as an accent for maximum visual impact.  The quilting on the bag made it easy to create a colorblock pattern, which is vaguely chevron inspired, but given a fresh, asymmetrical spin.  I love this so much, I want to make a matching purse!

You will need:
White Quilted Cotton Cosmetic Bag
Tulip Fabric Spray Paints in Neon
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in Black
Tulip Angled Fabric Paint Brush
Painter's Tape
Step one: You can opt to paint this freehand if you've got a steady hand or use painter's tape to section off the areas you want to paint black.  Use the quilting square edges as your guide.  Work around the edges first and then fill in the rest. Step two: Tape off your next section, be sure to fill in the areas you plan to make neon with tape, using your scissors to cut the tape into sharp edges!  Step three: Once you have completed all of your black areas, remove the tape and allow paint to dry.  Step four: Pour your fabric sprays on a non-stick craft surface and use a CLEAN brush to paint in your colors.  I used neon pink, orange and yellow.  Allow to dry.  You can go back in and do touch ups.
 That's it!  (Don't forget to paint the back.)  These would be perfect for a girl's night in.  You could jazz them up even more with some Tulip Glam-it Up Crystals or Tulip Beads in a Bottle accents.  I liked the clean simplicity of the design as it is.  No matter how you make it, make it yours.  
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The Neon colors are fun working with with the amazing effects and textures that they seem to add for the materials. the same is with Glow Ribbon try using it.

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