Thursday, October 31

Recycled Day of the Dead Milk Jug Lanterns



Halloween is over but Dia de los Muertos is here! How are you going to celebrate? Might I suggest an up-cycled Day of the Dead craft?


Plastic milk jugs

Tulip Puffy Paint Writers

Glow stick

My kids are milk-a-holics. We all have our vices and I guess milk is better than most. That being said I am recycling a plastic jug almost daily. I had seen so many cute lanterns made from milk jugs I thought why not create one with a Day of the Dead theme. The first thing you want to do is prep your carton by rinsing it and peeling off the stickers.

Once your jug is clean and dry start decorating your jugs like a sugar skull. I Googled them and started making dots, flowers, and hearts galore.

I had an egg nog container handy too that I handed over to my daughter. Even she was excited to decorate and learn about this holiday. Sugar skull milk jugs are kind of addicting to make. Mine looked great hanging out with my Halloween pumpkins.

Oh and small plastic containers work great too. Yup dug this single serve chocolate milk bottle out of the trash just for the crafting.

At night drop a glow stick in your jug and you have a lantern. I sat mine next to some lit blow molds in my yard.

Now hurry up and finish off that carton of milk so you can get crafty.

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