Tuesday, October 29

T-shirt Halloween: Make a Mini Mondrian!

MondrianFinish generation-t.com
For all of you would-be Halloween revelers who are down to the wire when it comes to your costume, here's a quick and easy costume idea that requires just a blank T-shirt and some fabric paint or markers. Create a masterpiece! (Or, rather, wear one inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian.) In just a couple of hours you'll have your priceless artwork -- just grab a frame and hit the trick-or-treating circuit! (Even better, grab some friends and paint a whole museum or gallery worth of fine art pieces.)


MondrianMaterials generation-t.com
What you need:
-Plain white T-shirt (since I'm making a Mini Mondrian, it's size 2T/3T)
-Scribbles 3D Fabric Paint (in black, red, blue, and yellow)
-Tulip Fabric Paintbrushes
-Masking tape
-Scrap paper (to insert between the layers of the T-shirt
in order to prevent the paint from seeping through)
-Newsprint paper or similar (to protect your work surface)

MondrianStep1 generation-t.com

Insert scrap paper between the layers of the shirt to keep the fabric paint from seeping through. Apply tape vertically, outlining strips of fabric to paint black.

MondrianStep2 generation-t.com
Apply fabric paint to the shirt with a paint brush (I squeezed the Scribbles paint onto a scrap paper to use as a palette). Then let the lines dry and remove the tape. Apply tape strips horizontally to complete some grids across the vertical stripes. Again, apply the black fabric paint.
MondrianStep3 generation-t.com 
Apply red, yellow, and blue paint selectively to fill in the boxes created by the black grids. (Just like a coloring book at this point!)
MondrianStep4 generation-t.com
Let it dry. Make any touch-ups! (There may be some paint-bleed under the tape, depending on how well you stick it and how vigorous your brush strokes are, but the great thing about a T-shirt masterpiece is that it's a moving target, so no one will notice uneven lines!)
MondrianComplete generation-t.com
After the paint (the Scribbles primary colors are the perfect shades for Mondrian-like color play!) has dried completely, remove the scrap paper, try the Mondrian T-shirt on your muse, and add an empty frame to use as a prop!


Sue Marrazzo said...

So CUTE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, that is a adorable T-shirt and I like the bright colors you used on it. Thank you for sharing some of your creative with us. :-)
Delama Starling

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