Friday, January 3

Floating Gem Necklace (with buttons!)

I'm starting the new year by completing a project I've been thinking about all of 2013 - the floating gem necklace! I've seen versions online and wanted to do my own thing. I love all things bright, chunky and sparkly and this project fits that bill. To add a different spin, I incorporated buttons as well.


Assorted gems and crystals
Non-stick mat or freezer paper

1. Cut a piece of tulle and tape it to the mat or freezer paper (shiny side up).

 2. Play around with arrangements of the gems and buttons to find a layout you like. Once you get it, start glueing the pieces, one-by-one.

3. Let it set for about an hour.

4. Flip the entire piece over and let dry for another hour, until the glue dries clear.

5. Cut around the edge of the gems, but leave a couple inches at the top on each end to attach the ribbon.

6. Glue a stand of ribbon to each end. You could also stitch it by hand if you wanted.

7. And here you have it! What I like about this necklace is that if it looks too bulky, you can always trim off a row of gems to make it smaller. After I made this, I decided to make a bracelet too! You could also make a headband!

Thanks for checking out my project!


maria soto said...

pretty cool and creative project

barbara macaskill said...

Awesome! TFS!

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

A rally sweet idea!! thx,

Suzie Ridler said...

Very magical and cool idea! I am totally going to try this. :)

Unknown said...

Very interesting technique. Sorry, but for could you tell me how the bracelet fastens? I can't figure it out. TIA! Oh and I love all your bold craft projects. It's always a pleasure to click on the email link and be amazed by yet another fabulous piece you've shared.

Unknown said...

Hi Ginger! For t he bracelets, I just tied it in a bow! Thanks for your kind words!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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