Friday, February 21

4 Fun Ways to Stamp with your Veggies

To create art these days, you need not look further than to your Tulip Fashion art stash & your refrigerator! Yep, you can create some seriously fun designs using the veggies in your crisper drawer! Let me walk you through some cool ways to use these fun and creative stamps from your kitchen!

You know that pesky bottom of your celery stalk that you usually end up not eating?  Well, it makes for the coolest organic rosette design!  Simply sponge on the Tulip Soft Paint color of your choice to the bottom of the stalk, stamp off any excess on a paper towel, and then stamp your design on your shirt!  Simple and pretty rosette designs in minutes!
When your kid doesn't eat all their carrots for lunch, turn them into a stamp too!  Simply slice the tip of the carrot to be a flat surface and load it up with paint.  It becomes a fun organic polka dot ready to pounce on your fabric!
 Don't you hate it when your veggies are a little past their freshness date?  You now are giving them some new life (only unless it old gross lettuce, we don't think that would be fun to stamp with - HA!).  This corn-on-cob makes a cool abstact stripe pattern.  Simply cut off the corn to the design width you are wanting to work with, then stick a dowel or skewer in the end to turn the stamp with!  Use a foam brush to pounce on the colors  (we went for a fun rainbow design here).  Add an instant cool factor to a tote, shirt, or even a canvas to display on the wall!
Root vegetables make great stamps too.  Cut a beet or turnip in half and load them up with paint.  This is a great way to teach the kiddos an art and food learning lesson all in one.  And we could see this one being transformed into a heart shape too!

All these stamped vegetables are perfect for your fabric paint project!  Don't forget to pick up your Tulip Soft paint the next time you're out, so you can stamp up a fun new placemat set, tablerunner, t-shirt, tote, and more!  The ideas are endless. :)


onel said...

Very creative use of the veggies! I especially love the flower celery and corn effects :)

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Raising Creative Children said...

We absolutely love the idea of using found objects to create art. We like to compost our veggie scraps, so I wonder if there is a non-toxic type of paint to use for this type of thing?

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