Friday, February 21

Artful Office Chair Makeover

The look of my art room is constantly changing. I'm on this kick where I want everything to have purpose and meaning. So when it came to upgrading my office chair/workstation chair, I decided that instead of buying a new one, I would paint the one I have.

Think about it - our computer or art table chairs are where we create our magic. Why not, make over your chair so it is artful and bursting with your personality and creativity? Right?

Click below to see how I did this - it was easy, I used Tulip Soft Fabric Paints. Very vibrant with excellent coverage!

This is what I started with. Eee gads. It was ugly. But, the good thing is it is made of microfiber, perfect for fabric paint!

I pulled out my box of Tulip Soft Fabric Paints and brushes.

I didn't have to prime, I just went for it. Two coats worked perfectly.

I love bright colors, so I added green with the purple.

Almost done basecoating!

You can see how soft the paint is when it dries. It just kind of melts into the fabric.

Once it was all base coated, I had to add detail!

I used Aleene's Fabric Fusion to add applique designs. I also painted the arms with Tulip Soft Paint in Gold Glitter!

I wrote "have purpose" on the front of my chair to remind that everything I make or write is to have a good purpose to hopefully inspire others! Keep the creativity alive!

On the back of my chair, after I painted it, I affixed a glorious sequined applique to bring good energy - no more craft fails! Um, we'll have to see about that one!

I hope this inspires you to paint your own office chair - make it your own!

TIP: I suggest having a cushion to sit on because once you paint the fabric, it will be soft, but kind of like a light vinyl. I bought a Forever Comfy and made a fabric sleeve for it!


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