Friday, March 28

Ikea Hack - Tiger Tray Tutorial

When my friend Erin recently brought this fabric to craft night I swooped it up before anyone could say RAAWWWRRR. Me and tigers, we are besties. It is also a little known fact that tigers make everything better. Whether it be terrariums, hoodies or serving trays.


– Ikea Serving Tray
– Fabric Fusion Glue
– Fabric
– Aleene's Tacky Sheets
– Piping
– Scissors
– Cut glass
– Chalk pencil
I took my tray to a glass store and had a piece cut to fit inside. This way whatever I decided to put on the bottom of my tray would not get wet. Using that glass trace it onto your fabric with a chalk pencil.
Next I covered the bottom of my tray with Tacky Sticker Sheets.
Cut out your fabric and place on top of the sticker sheets. Make sure there are not bubbles.

Using Fabric Fusion apply piping to the edge of your fabric.
All that was left to do was let the glue dry and put the glass on top.
Breakfast is served!
Be sure to check out my blog for more crafty fun!


Obie said...

Fantastic idea with the glass! A couple of questions for you:

1. Would you say it's easy to remove and wash the glass without damaging the fabric and piping over time?

2. The wooden...thing...that you have the tray sitting on. What is that called? I've seem them before and always thought they were just meant to be artistic with no real function, but I love the combination here!


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