Monday, April 28

Painted No Sew Market Tote

Create a cute and colorful “no sew” beach or market tote using dyes as paint on basic white t-shirt. 
Just because the package says tie dye doesn’t mean that’s how you have to use it. For those who don’t want to mess with the rubber bands Tulip Tie Dye is perfect for painting with too! 

White t-shirt

step 1
Layout your t-shirt out flat.

Add water to your dye bottles and shake.

step 2
Start squirting your dye onto your t-shirt and ‘painting’ your design. 

Just make sure to leave a lot of white space because your dye will bleed as it sits on the fabric.

Let the dye sit for a couple of hours before rinsing out.

Rinse and let dry.

I was really amazed at how strong the colors stayed, I expected them to fade a bit but they didn’t.

step 3
When your shirt is dry you can use your fabric marker to draw details for the flowers or whatever designs you like.

step 4
Lay your t-shirt out flat and cut off the sleeves just inside the seams.

step 5
Cut the neck off.

step 6
Cut the bottom hem off of the t-shirt.

Turn the t-shirt inside out.

Cut slits across the bottom of the t-shirt about half and inch wide and 2 inches deep.

step 7
Tie the cut strips along the bottom of the t-shirt. Make sure you tie them very tight.

Turn your t-shirt market bag right side out.
A little behind the scenes pic with my assistant/bubble girl.

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Doro von Hand zu Hand said...

the knots are a great idea!
and i love the flower pattern!

thanks for sharing your tutorial! i set a link and hope you agree.

best wishes, doro von Hand zu Hand

Anonymous said...

Thi is really lovely!

Sara {} said...

Super clever!! Love it - and that it could be done with old t-shirts too!

An_Geli_Ka said...

supercool...nice painting !!

Kate Roberts said...

wow! what a clever idea!

Unknown said...

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