Thursday, May 15

Food Allergy Awareness Week - Your the Sunbutter to my Jelly T-shirt

This week is Food Allergy Awareness Week. Unlike, say, Valentine's Day or the Fourth of July, this holiday (if I can call it that), which affects 15 million Americans, does not have many crafts associated with it. My son Baxter is one of those 15 million. Crafts help bring awareness to a holiday or event. I've decided to make it my mission to make more crafts related to food allergies. My little man Bax is the Sunbutter to my jelly, and I wanted to make him a shirt to say it loud and proud!


– Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
– Scribbles Paint (black)
– Paint brush
– T-shirt
Not familiar with Sunbutter? It is a peanut butter alternative made of sunflower seeds. Mighty tasty and a staple in my peanut free home. I had seen images of sandwiches with the cute your the PB to my Jelly slogan and decided to put a peanut allergy spin on it. Using a Tulip Fabric Marker I drew my design on a T-shirt.

Using Black Scribbles I went over the text "You're the Sunbutter to my Jelly".
Paint your sandwich using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and a small paintbrush. I added facial accents with more Scribbles. Allow to dry completely before wearing to a children's museum.
I'm pretty sure Baxter loves his new shirt. I made him a matching You're the Sunbutter to my Jelly sign for his bedroom too. The more awareness we can bring to this rising life threatening epidemic the better. I'm here to spread the food allergy gospel the crafty way how are you recognizing food allergy awareness week?
Check out more fun from Jennifer Perkins on her blog.

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hsw said...

Adorable! I love this idea!

mommyof2princesses said...

I love this!! Having food allergies as a child is so very hard! My dad had peanut allergies, and now my own daughter has dairy allergy, I feel your angst and the fear of, "please don't let anyone give her milk", or "do they know how to use the EPI pen correctly?!" Cute shirt, hope your little man enjoys the most out of life!

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