Tuesday, May 27

How to: DIY Birthday Shirts (for Every Age!)

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I love using words and type in my crafts (see exhibits ABCDE, and F...), so was super excited when Scribbles Alphabet Stamps arrived in a recent crafty care package! With a friend's daughter's birthday around the corner, and armed with the new letter stamps and fabric paints, I knew just what I wanted to make: a series of birthday tops, each to announce the birthday girl's age (and yes, there are actual number stamps, too, but I like to spell things out!). I made a series of three, but if you scroll all the way down, you'll see there's no reason why you have to stop at the single-digit ages!

Materials1 generation-t.com
What You Need:
-Plain T-shirt or tank top
-Scrap paper or cardboard 
(to prevent the paint from bleeding through the layers of the shirt)

Step1 generation-t.com
Lay the tank top flat, and select and center (use the ruler for alignment!) the appropriate letter stamps. Select a paint color that will complement the color of the tank top or T-shirt, too!
Step2 generation-t.com
Use the paint brush to coat the foam side of the stamps fairly liberally (so the color is saturated), without spreading the paint around the edges.
Step3 generation-t.com
Paint each letter and stamp it firmly on the tank top or T-shirt surface. Tip: For the "ONE," I stamped the O, then the E, then the N to get better spacing. I painted just the dot on the exclamation mark to get the period.Step4 generation-t.com
 Let the paint dry on the ONE...
TwoThree generation-t.com
... and move on to TWO and THREE with new colors and a fresh paint brush.
123FinishAlt generation-t.com
And you don't have to stop there! TWENTY-EIGHT, anyone? THIRTY-THREE? FORTY-TWO? FIFTY-SEVEN? Spell it out and celebrate big!
ONETWOTHREE generation-t.com

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