Thursday, September 11

Spooky Spider Wine Glasses

The fall season is upon us and it's time to start thinking about Halloween party planning!  We think these fabulously freaky glasses would be an absolute hit at your dinner party or event!  And the scariest thing?  They are like the simplest craft EVER!
What you need:
– Freezer Paper
– Wine glasses
Lay down your piece of freezer paper shiny-side up on the table. Freehand draw multiple spiders onto a sheet.  This 4oz bottle of paint will make LOTS of little creepy critters!

Once they are dry, peel them off and apply to your glass. We placed them randomly all over in different sizes.  We even added one to the bottom of the stem! Even though the paint is non-toxic, keep the spiders away from the mouth area!

These spiders are a perfect solution for dressing up the glasses for temporary use!  You can always remove the spiders after the season is over.  They will stay on the glass if you carefully hand-wash and dry them, but with a lot of handling, they will peel off.

And don't forget to make more to add to  bathroom mirrors and slick surfaces. You can also put them on windows and glass tables. Pattie shares some more designs in the video below!

We love how they turned out and how they appear larger than life when liquid is added!

Oh, and here's Pattiewack's fab DIY video showing you how to make more clings!


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