Tuesday, November 18

Easy Fingerless Gloves Tutorial

My hands get really cold come the winter and for some reason my office is like an ice box if it's lower than 50 degrees outside. Since I still have to work even if my hands feel like ice cubes, I've started wearing fingerless gloves. And when I realized I could make my own, my collection grew like you wouldn't believe!

For this project you will need:
Lace (optional)

Here are a few pairs my sister and I made, and she graciously modeled. I had been scratching my head how to hold the camera and get pics of both worn gloves!
These are heavy duty boot socks from Sam's Club with lace trim...

And these a different color scheme as the ones in the DIY below. They came together in a three or four pack from WalMart.

And since she loves gnomes, we nabbed these cute socks from Target.
Ready to see how easy it is to make these?

You can use socks between ankle and knee high length. The shorty ankle socks are just too short and thigh high socks tend to be too big at the top and don't fit your arm properly.

Making sure both socks are placed evenly against one another, cut just above the heal, or to the length you desire.

For lace, take your favorite Always ready glue and place a line along the cut edge.

Firmly push the lace down and allow to dry. Turn and finish all the way around. The lace will slightly overlap, but if done on the edge where the pinkie or thumb goes, it isn't terribly noticeable.

For this pair I used a sturdy lace with no stretch. They took some breaking in to be loose enough to be comfortable but I love the look enough that it was worth it. If you get lace that is stretchier (like in the pics with my sister as the model) they'll be a more comfortable fit from the get-go.

When dry place on your hand and use scissors to cut a slit where you want your thumb to come out of the gloves (you can place onto your hand for proper placement if you cut CAREFULLY!). Use a bead of glue around the slit and rub in to keep from fraying or tearing open when putting on and taking off.

For simple folded over gloves, turn the sock inside out and place on your wrist/hand. Squeeze a line of glue along the cut edge...

...and fold over. On the backside of your hand, the sock will stay down without any effort, but you'll need to use your fingers to slightly hold down the glue on the inside of your hand.

When dry, turn right-side out and cut a slit for the thumb.

The longer the socks, the longer they'll be on your arm. Obvi.

But I like the longer because I can scrunch them up on my wrist. It makes me feel like I belong in Flashdance for some reason. It's awesome.

Using lace left over from other projects and glue already on hand, the only cost involved was for the socks. For $17 we were able to make 10 pairs to split between us. Not bad for a little bit of scissoring and gluing!

If you want to see more of my projects, give me a vist at my site Dream a Little Bigger!


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I love that!!!

Anonymous said...

I♡!! About the slit for the thumb does it need to be glued also? ;)

Allison @ dreamalittlebigger.com said...

I rubbed glue into the slit so that it wouldn't fray. If you have nice, thick socks (like the boot socks) it isn't necessary though.

Fingerless Gloves said...

Very cool designs you have choosed for fingerless groves. I love to see your designs and these are wonderful.

Sue P said...

I wonder if you could cut above the heel, that way one could have a thumb cover. Maybe with a bit of fiddling.........

Unknown said...

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Faiz Ismail said...
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Faiz Ismail said...

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