Sunday, November 23

Embellished Jeans

I have wanted a pair of embellished jeans ever since I saw 
my inspiration picture on Pinterest.(below)
Is this hard to do? 
No, it  just takes a little time.
Tulip Crystals make it much easier.

Things you need
  1. Jeans
  2. Tulip quick dry fabric glue 
  3. Tulip Crystals
  4. Toothpick *Optional
  5. Sequins *Optional 
  6. Rhinestone Beads *Optional
  7. Iron
 Lay out your jeans and make a plan.
Put a drop of glue on your jeans.
  Set the Rhinestone on top.
 Push down on the rhinestone.
 Start with a lot of rhinestones and gradually space them out.
I do this glue technique to hold them into place.
 When you have then all set place a cloth over top and iron them.
for more details on how to set your crystals.

Now you have some embellished jeans for that Holiday Party
 or that Date that you had no clue of what you were going to wear.
Dress up or dress down.
The most important thing is to make them your own.
Happy Weekend.
Lots of <3!
For more DIY
Check out my Pinterest page
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Sue Marrazzo said...


WobiSobi said...

Thank you Sue!!

Susan Olson said...

How do you wash them? Cute!

Anonymous said...

Love this!

sri vasavi silk house said...

Embelished jeans are quite different to other jeans in which they are weared by women moreover in western countries but in india also it has become fashion to wear embelished jeans thanks for the pics and information

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