Sunday, January 25

Crystal Collar DIY.

  I found this dress at H&M for $15.00 
and decided that it needed just a little sparkle.
Tulip crystals and Glue made it extremely easy.

 Things You Need.
  1. Dress with collar
  2. Tulip Crystal Bond glue
  3. Tulip Crystals
  4. Toothpick
 The steal of the season.
I love H&M.

I placed a little Tulip glue on a piece of paper.
Placed my dress on a flat surface.
Using my toothpick I placed a dot of glue on the edge of my collar.

Then I added my Crystals one by one.
Let dry about 12 hours before you wear.
 48 hour before you wash in cold water and hang dry.
* No Dryer
*You could iron these on too instructions in the link

Just a touch a sparkle dresses up anything.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
For more of my DIY head over to 
my Blog WobiSobi

Lots of <3,


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