Sunday, February 22

Block Sequin Sweatshirt: DIY

I am always looking to create new Sweatshirts 
or Shirts that I will wear for months to come,
preferably something that I can dress up or down. 
My creations come to life so easily 

This was my inspiration a Gucci that cost  $369.00.
But I wanted a Vertical stripe because it makes you look taller.:)

Let me show you how easy it is to make my sweatshirt 
which is a little less expensive.

Things You Need

  1.  Sweatshirt
  2. Aleene's Quick Dry Fabric Fusion.
  3. Tulip Sequins.
  4. 2 Inch Tape 
 Tape off your sweatshirt.
 Place your glue in small sections because it drys quickly,
put your sequins on top of your glue.
 Build your sweatshirt.
Let dry 24 hours  
Remove your tape.
When you wash wash in cold water hang dry.

  A Sparky sweatshirt,  just the kind I like.
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
For more of my DIY head on over to my Blog,
Lots of <3,

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lola said...

que buena idea gracias

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