Friday, March 6

Ombre Glittered St. Patrick's Day Mason Jar Mugs

Mason jars make everything taste better. I could put a kale, Brussels sprout and spinach smoothie into this adorable ombre glittered mug and it would taste like candy. Well ok, maybe it is not that magical - but it is that magical looking. I couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without at least one shout out to the shamrock. This ombre glittered mug is great for green beer, Irish coffee or kale smoothies if the mood strikes you.

– Green mason jar mug
– Bakers twine
– Gold coins
Using small containers I mixed my glitter into various shades of green, gold and teal.
One color at a time I applied a band of Tacky Glue and coated it with glitter. Be sure each band is completely coated before going to the next. Shake off excess glitter in-between.
Use a sealer to keep your glitter in place. If you fill your mug with something cold the condensation could do funny things to your glitter. Please remember these mugs are hand wash only.
Feel free to embellish the mugs however you want. I used Tacky Glue to attach some glittered ribbon around the top. Next I tied a gold coin on using baker's twine.
All that is left to do is fill with your favorite beverage and serve on St. Patrick's Day.
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IamUniquelyImperfect said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing. Love ya' Patricia B

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