Wednesday, March 4

Easter Chic Mug

Here Chicky,Chicky! Easter is almost here and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love decorating eggs! There is ONE thing however that I have never Easter mug. I love items that are versatile and can be given as gifts. I sometimes tend to do lot's of designs but today I wanted to show you how to make something sleek and clean but still have a punch when you are done with it. 

I swear I am just in love with this cute chic! She can be used as a coffee mug or a planter! The great thing about this project is kids can do it and they will have so much fun. Let's get started!!!

 You will need: Mug | Tulip Electric Neon Markers

Tulip Electric Neon Color Kit - Available at Michaels February 21st and Walmart Domestic April 26th. 

 I love how vibrant these NEON colors are! My mind is already thinking of tons of things to do with them!
 Step 1: Grab your NEON green and start drawing grass on the bottom of the mug. When you are done make sure to let the grass dry before moving on to the next step. 
 Step 2: Get your NEON yellow and draw a large circle right above the grass. 
 Step 3: Get your pink and add a small triangle for the nose, and your black for the eyes and feet. 
Are you in love yet???
Remember I said you can use this as a planter...Check out these pretty purple flowers I put in my mug. SCREAMS EASTER!
Now time to pour some coffee in the mug and enjoy it! Hey, you can also put some candy in the mug and wrap it up as a gift!

What else would you do with your mug!!!

I hope you enjoyed this EASTER MUG tutorial. Stay tuned because my next post will SCREAM FLAMINGOS... 

  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
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