Wednesday, March 11

Promposal T Shirt

Prom season is quickly approaching! If you are  planing to ask some to come as your date, you will definitely want to ask in a creative way! The term for asking someone to prom is "promposal" and there are so many awesome ways to do it! Today i'll be sharing a really fun DIY Promposal T Shirt! 

All you will need to make this is a white T shirt and Tulip Fabric Markers 

Start by writing "PROM?" across the top of the T shirt pretty close to the neckline. Since this is really the main focus of the shirt, bolder bubble letters work best. You may want to use a ruler to make sure that you write it straight. 

Right under where you wrote "PROM?" write "check one" in a different color. There is not really a need for bubble letters here, but make sure you write it big enough so that they can read it and that it can be read in pictures. 

Below that draw 2 check boxes. The ruler is super handy in this step to make sure the boxes are the right size. Below each box write yes or no. 

This is such a fun and simple way to ask your date to prom! If you want to make it even more special you can give them food, candy, or flowers. That way if they are on the fence, the decision to say yes is easier! No one ever said that bribery was a crime! 

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