Sunday, August 23

Cinderella Silhouette Pillow: DIY

 I have a Co-Worker who absolutely LOVES Cinderella. In a couple of weeks she is leaving us to pursue bigger and better things and to me it is very bittersweet.  I am so very proud of her and I really hate to see her leave our team but like all things that grow and become better they can not stay in the same place.  I am making her a few going away gifts to reminder her that she, like Cinderella, 
is Courageous and Kind and to never forget it!
  We love you Christy!
Lots of <3

 Thing You Need

Burlap Pillow Case
Cutting board
I found a stencil online by searching Cinderella, Silhouette Stencil.
 On your cutting board cut out your stencil.
Place a plastic bag in between your Pillow 
so the paint does not go through to the other side.
 Center your stencil on your pillow.
I put paper towels all around my stencil 
to protect the pillow from over spray.
 Grab your Tulip Color Shot paint in black * other colors would look great too.
 Spray evenly all over your stencil!
 Let dry about 3 hours.
Put your pillow in the case and you have your very own Cinderella Pillow
I love how it turned out.
Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.!
Lots of <3
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Katja L said...

Great idea!

WobiSobi said...

Thank you Katja:)XXOO

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