Wednesday, September 16

Watercolored Feather T-Shirt Tutorial

Happy Wednesday Y'all! here with a RAD, UNIQUE watercolored T-Shirt tutorial! Now I know what you are thinking, "I can't watercolor to begin with, why would you think I could watercolor a T-Shirt"... Don't worry my friends today I will show you a few easy steps to making your very own watercolor feather shirt. The great thing about this project is you can use any stencil you want and still add bright watercolors to it! Who's ready to start? This is a great craft for the Fall season.  If you love holidays come check out all of my Halloween and Fall crafts here!!! 

Tulip has the BEST fabric markers which make this project possible in so many arenas. I would say these markers are my go to in so many projects and I love the fact that I can draw on any material and after I wash it the image is still there!  This craft is great for kids to do and you will watch the amazement on their face when they see the shirt finished! Let's get started! 

Cotton T-Shirt (white works best)
Craft Brushes (I like different tips)
Cup of Water
Cardboard or Plastic bag
Parchment Paper
Stencils of Feathers
 STEP 1: Tear off a sheet of parchment paper and place it inside of the shirt, wax side up. 
STEP 2: If you printed images off of your computer now is the time to cut them out. I like to cut them out so I can arrange them under the shirt. 
 STEP 3: Place your feather stencils on top of the parchment paper. Now is the time to align them exactly where you want them. 
 STEP 4: Make sure your iron is on low heat and iron on top of your shirt. This will secure your images better under the shirt. If you don't want to use stencils you can just free hand it. Make sure if you do that to place a piece of cardboard inside of the shirt to prevent bleeding to the back of shirt. 
 STEP 5: Neatly fold your napkins and place your water on top. I like to be organized when I am crafting however you can do this step anyway you feel more comfortable. 
 STEP 6: Grab one of your black fabric markers and start tracing your feathers. I find if you go a little faster with the marker it goes on the shirt better. You can also take your time but you might have to go over some spots twice if you want a dark black effect. 
 This is what it will look like when you are done tracing all of them. Now, if you ask me I am really loving the look of this black and white. I actually think I will do another one and just make it black and white watercolor. Don't you see the possibilities are ENDLESS! I am sure as you are reading this you have so many things going through your head!
 STEP 7: Once you finish with the black I like to let it sit over night. However a few hours will work as well. I start by placing a plastic bag inside of my shirt.
 Then a notebook or piece of cardboard on top of that. I really want to protect the back side of my shirt!
 Time to get out your beautiful fabric markers! I keep these babies out in my studio because I love all of the colors plus I like to have them handy!
STEP 8: Grab the brush of your choice and dip it in the water. 
STEP 9: Gently dab the brush on top of the black outlines. I personally like to let it drip a little and it disburses the ink in different directions. You can also drag the ink with the brush and dab!
 This is what it will start to look like. CAUTION: Don't go overboard with adding water to the black. Even though you let it sit for a while to dry it will still spread and we don't want to do that just yet. Our goal here is just to wet the shirt enough to start adding our colors. 
 STEP 10: Now that some of your shirt is damp/wet you can literally draw on top of the wet spots. You can also draw on dry spots then wet it after. All of the above will end up looking like watercolor in the end. 
 Don't worry if you draw on the shirt and it looks like the ink isn't spreading. In a few minutes the magic will happen. Personally I like to apply a little bit at a time and work my way around the feathers. I love mixing two colors together so it looks really natural. 
 Look how pretty this yellow is!
 Remember in the beginning when I said not to go overboard with the black? That's because once you start adding your colors and water it will still make the black bleed and we want the black to blend naturally with the colors. 
 I am loving how it's looking so far, YOU? 
 WOWZERS! I am flipping out y'all!!!! It's so delicate yet striking! 

Imagine how awesome bed sheets would be with this on it!
Check out my latest post I did! You will GLOW IN THE DARK when you are done!!!
  Huge glittery hugs, JADERBOMB
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PattyP said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I think I'll use a non-run permanent marker for the black lines, then water based ones for the color. I haven't done much watercolor on fabric with markers yet, but had seen poeople put blobs of color down, then make those into abstract shapes or flowers with outlines. I like your planned method better with the black outline going down first. Thanks again!

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