Monday, November 8

DIY Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece, Candles and Party Favors

If you can cut & glue, this is the perfect project for your Thanksgiving dinner decorations.

The base of each one of the pilgrim hats is a simple clay pot and the hat brims are circles of foam core boards that are cut to fit perfectly on the rim of the pots when glued on.  
I popped a pot of white daisy mums in the big one for a centerpiece.
The candles are pushed into foam and then tufts of tulle are poked around them.
The favors are circles of tulle filled with candy corn and tie up in a bow.
Super simple, and simple fun!

Here's what you'll need:
Clay Pots
Black Spray Paint
Black foam board
Craft knife
Metallic Silver Scrapbook Paper
Grey Felt

Steps for the centerpiece:

  1. Spray paint the clay pot black, let dry completely.
  2. Turn the pot upside down on foam board.  Trace around the rim, then set aside.  Use a compass to draw a line 4 inches from the traced circle.
  3. Cut around the outside circle with a craft knife, being careful to cut a nice, smooth edge.
  4. Cut out the inside circle, 1/2-inch smaller than the traced line.  If you plan to use the pot as a cupcake tray instead of a flowerpot, don’t cut out the center hole.
  5. Glue the brim to the top of the pot.
  6. Cut out a buckle from silver scrapbook paper.
  7. Cut grey felt and thread through the buckle and glue around the rim of the pot.

Make the other pots the same way, only smaller.
Have fun!

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