Tuesday, April 9

R2D2 Toms Tutorial

While I was perusing pinterest the other day I came upon some hand-painted R2D2 Toms.  I knew my boys would flip over them and I already had some gray plain Toms for one of them.  They were destined to become R2D2 Toms and I set out to make some myself.

I pulled out the Toms and some pictures of R2D2 to look at while painting.

I taped off the front half of the shoe and used my Tulip soft fabric paint in metallic silver to paint the toes.

Then I painted the upper half white.

I used my Tulip fabric markers to draw in the shapes.

 I used the blue marker to color in the shapes.

The blue worked really well on the white, but it didn't show quite as well over the silver, so I got out my 3-D paint pens for the rest.

After the paint dried I went back and outlined all the black one more time and called them done.

Now I just have to wait for my son to wake up and see them all done in the morning.  I can't wait!


Krista said...

That looks really cool and Tom's shoes fit the Star Wars theme well anyway, at least they do to me. Good job, I think I'd be too nervous to try this on a new pair of shoes!

Anonymous said...

Krista... how do toms fit the 'star wars theme'?

Anonymous said...

Because the top is round like R2D2

Samantha said...

Thanks so much for this project -- I was working on a pair for my 9 year old and your pictures took the guesswork out of planning the design :) I shared the finished project on my little blog, along with a link back to your awesome tute! Shared with your link on FB and Craftster as well :)

Toms Slippers said...

I taped off the front half of the shoe and used my Tulip soft fabric ... tomsslippers.blogspot.com

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