Monday, September 16

Retro Halloween Tabletop Decor

Paper mache cones lend themselves to all manner of retrofabulous DIY projects, like these DIY Retro Tabletop Decor objets d'art.  That's a fancy pants way of saying, stuff you can use to decorate for Halloween.  I like these cones because they can be interpreted a lot of different ways, as Halloween party hats, Halloween trees or if you add black cardboard circles to the bottoms and take the felt balls off of the tops, fabulous witch's hats!  There are so many yummy trims out there that would be perfect for these, from rick-rack to rhinestones to lace ribbon.  If you want to take this further, make each hat slightly different but color coordinated.  Add black glitter to give them a little more sparkle.  These make delightful tabletop centerpieces for a party!  Tulip Soft fabric paint works like a dream on the paper mache and dries to a perfect matte finish.  Tacky Glue and a glue gun make quick work of adding trim.  This is a great girl's night in project too.  Have a glass of wine while the glue dries and then dive right in!

 You will need:
3 paper mache cones in graduated sizes
Tim Holtz sparkling tinsel trim
13 Orange chenille stems
Polka dot floral 3-d ribbon
3 orange pom poms (2 large, one medium)
Plastic faceted rhinestones
Aleene's Glue Sticks
Large flat brush
Aleene's Ultimate Glue Gun
Step One: Paint each cone black using Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, sliding hand inside of cone to prevent touching wet paint.  Allow to dry, paint second coat. Allow this to dry before the next step.
Step Two: Measure stems to fit front of cone to top.  Bend excess stem around and under bottom of cone.  This secures the stem for gluing.  Spread a thin bead of glue along center of stem.  Bend up and press flush to cone.  There are three stems on each of the smaller cones, space them evenly apart.  There are four stems on the larger cone, also spaced evenly apart.  For the largest cone, you will need to leave enough space at the top to add an extra section of stem on each, see next photo.
 Step Three: Glue extra stem at the top of each of the four sections on the larger cone.  If you cut and place them properly, they should fit right in without any gaps.
Step Four: You can use hot glue or tacky glue for the tinsel.  Cut three segments for the smaller cones to fit in between the chenille stems and four for the larger cone.  It's a little stretchy, so you will probably have to cut a little off of the bottom once you have them glued down.  
Step Five: Use Super Thick Tacky Glue to attach ribbon and rhinestones.  The rhinestones are placed in the center of the spaces in between the chenille and tinsel as in photo.  Glue your pom poms to the top of each cone with Super Thick Tacky Glue and let it all dry.  That's it!
Super simple, bold and graphic and retrofabulous in a flash!  Make these, it's easy!
That's all there is to it.  You can use the same techniques for festive Christmas tree cones using holiday trims and colors.   Make sure you join the crafty fun on Facebook.  And don't forget to visit me at DIY Doyenne for style, fashion and decor!


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