Thursday, March 20

Oh Joy! Cake Stand Terrarium

Unless you are living under a rock you probably saw something about Oh Joy! and her new line of party supplies for Target. I love the retro vibe and the sherbet colors. I was drawn to the cake stand in the 'Dinner Party Collection'. I can't really envision myself putting a cake in it, but that didn't stop me from scooping it up.


– Oh Joy! cake stand
– Tacky Glue
– Pink Aquarium gravel
– Tacky Glue
– Decorative ribbon and trim
– Potting soil
– Scissors
– Clear plastic plant tray
– Paintbrush
– Tulip Fashion Glitter - Gold
– Succulents
I didn't want to dirty up my actual cake stand so I needed to devise a plan. There was also not a big enough lip on the stand to hold dirt and gravel. I found a clear plastic plant drainage tray at Garden Ridge. I cut the top edge off so that it would fit inside my cake stand.
Next I filled the clear tray with a combination of gravel and potting soil for cactus. There are all sorts of theories on the internet on what is the best to use in your terrarium.
The cake tray is way too cute to have dirt showing so I covered the entire surface with pink aquarium gravel.

Using various ribbons, trim and Tacky Glue I adorned the edges of my plant tray.
Next I stole from my children. They have so many plastic animal toys all over the floor surely they won't miss one tiger. I gave him a glittery top coat to help hide his identity.
I coated the entire tiger in slightly watered down Tacky Glue then doused him with glitter while he was still wet.
After Mr. Tiger was dry I perched him on a pile of hot pink gravel and started planting my wee little succulents.
When all my plants were in place all that was left to do was put the lid back on my cake stand.
I admit I bought more than just the cake stand when I hit Target. Some of the Oh Joy! plates and glasses might have also fallen into my shopping cart.
I kinda want to have people over just so I can show off my new centerpiece. Here is to hoping it makes it to Easter without my kids reclaiming their tiger and dumping pink gravel all over my floor!
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