Monday, August 4

12 Amazing Fabric Paint Projects

I've always love fabric paint because you can always make something fabulous with it at absolutely any painting skill level. So today I'm sharing with you some absolutely amazing projects to wear, to tote around or to decorate your home. Beginners more than welcome!

If you've been to my blog before you might already know this, but I am a nut for Mondrian. So when I saw this fab neon blocked tote inspired by the master himself, of course I took note. Visit Jade and Fern to learn how to make your own Mondrineon (how witty is that?!)

As far as I can tell the ombre thing is still going strong, so when I spied this amazing ombre chevron, I just knew you'd be totally in love with it. Add in the fact that it's super easy to make and looks absolutely fab with a pair of jeans and you're wondering where the link is to make your own already. Well here it is over at A Geek in Glasses: Ombre Chevron with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint 

When I said projects for every skill level, I totally meant it! Check out these fab team shirt created with freezer paper, fabric paint and kid's drawings. Yep! This tee is totally kid drawn and it looks totally amazing!
See just  how to do the same at Homemade Ginger, Child Drawn Shirt Designs.

Want to dress up your kid's sweater for the upcoming chilly weather? I mean, it may be ten shades of hot right now but fall is just around the corner. How about snazzying up those boring single color cardigans just like this cutie from Say Yes with some painted on elbow patches? Bonus points for gold ones! Painted Gold Elbow Patches

I think that just about everyone everywhere can really do well by just having an amazing tote bag. And while I do agree with function over form for these super useful bags, I have got to say a super cute bag never hurt anybody! Well, unless it was filled with rocks or something. See how to make your own at Delightfully Tacky - DIY Triangle Tote.

And while you're visiting Delightfully Tacky you might also want to check out these killer cute polka dot shorts. I am in LOVE with the size of the dots... proportionately perfect! DIY Polka Dot Shorts

How stinking cute is this leg pillow from Salsa Pie? And while legs on a pillow might seem a bit strange, the fun is in the shoes (just ask any lady, right?!) Along with painting the pillow you'll also see how to make some stylin' kicks for the little ones to play with! Slumber Party Play Pillow

I am so in love with the whole geometric thing going on in the craft world. It makes me so, so  happy! And why wouldn't I want to wear it on a tee? Grey Luster Girl knocks this tee refashion out of the part and takes the trend head on! Geometric Two Tone Shirt Refashion

So I've said it before and I'll say it again, not totally into chevron anymore. BUT I love when I see a different take on chevron. The paired zigzags in a fun pattern at Marie Oh Marie just has me absolutely besotted! See how to make your own Chevron Table Runner with a great intro to making foam stamps!

Perhaps these amazing feathers from Alisa Burke here at iLoveToCreate aren't the easiest thing to recreate in this roundup BUT with a bit of practice (since the tute is absolutely fab) I know that even a beginner can be rocking these amazing feathers themselves! Faux Feathers Necklace

Do you want to have the coolest baby on the block? Then that kiddo NEEDS to be rocking some geometric bedroom things. And these triangle patterned sheets are perfect and totally cost conscience since they're DIY! See how to make your own hand stamped crib sheet with Everything Emily.

Have you ever seen a pin and instantly clicked it to find about buying something only to learn it was DIY? That is what happened with me and this amazing dress from Freckles in April. And I do mean AMAZING. See how to make your own dress painted in pretty colors of peacock -- Fabric Painting Tutorial.

Thanks so much for checking this roundup of amazing fabric paint projects. Head on over to my blog for even more round ups  and craft tutorials galore! Dream a Little Bigger

Head over to our TIE DYE YOUR SUMMER site for even more inspiration, how-to's, and fun videos to get you mega-inspired for some DIY summer fun!


Marlene @ Jade and Fern said...

Yay, thank you so much for linking to my Mondrineon tote! These are all fabulous projects! I especially LOVE those polka-dot shorts! xoxo

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